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lensitude's got a new attitude

First let me say... THANK YOU for taking your super valuable time to visit lensitude's new website! It's been a long time in the making but worth the extra effort to ensure it is as seamless as possible for you while also feeling the need to amp it up a bit. The Galleries page is for your viewing pleasure and the Journal will be frequently updated with tales of my journeys, photography & travel tips, and other tidbits that deem interesting enough to share! I invite you to come back and visit whenever you find yourself in need of a little distraction {and relaxation} ... basically a place for a mini-mind escape! After a long morning, I find myself going back to the Maldives for my minute getaway! Please do share your travels, cool pics, fun stories,etc. with me on here (or @lensitude) as it's all about connecting!


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